What do we do

You will see: with „Aufräumzeit”, your consulting team based in the area of Hannover, you will manage to transform your home into an environment which provides a feeling of relaxation and freedom.

After a period of joint sorting and tidying up with the help of a clear approach you will be able to identify the extent of your possessions and exactly where to find them. Time-consuming searching will be an issue of the past. You will regain control when it comes to future purchase decisions. You will be able to effect new acquisitions with more awareness and a better conscience.

If you engage yourself intensively with your home and the things within you will automatically organize the structure of your life. We, the team of „Aufräumzeit“,  stand by your side and help you to determine what you want to keep and what needs to be thrown out.

You will make all the decisions, we just show you the way how. Every decision gives you more certainty how to free yourself from unnecessary things.

We support you in the preliminary stage and during a planned move. If you or your near relatives plan to downsize your living conditions it’s not unusual to feel overstrained. These decisions often happen within a very short period of time and it’s not always possible to take along all your possessions. In this case “Aufräumzeit” creates quick and viable solutions.

What do we offer

We, the team of “Aufräumzeit”, occupied ourselves with many approaches how to create order. We tested different systems and finally chose the most viable method for us.

Our approach offers a clear structure which enables you to develop a new, more efficient organizational conduct. It will have a lasting effect on you.

You opt for well sorted contents in your closet, uncluttered cupboard space and the good feeling that you own exactly the amount of things that you need for your personal well-being and happiness.

Where to find us

Give us a call without any obligations or send us a message via response form. Your commission will be handled with outmost discretion.

How do we proceed

We arrange a first appointment at your home and send you a non-binding offer for your first “Aufräumzeit”. As soon as you confirm our proposal in written form we will be able begin with the first step of your “Aufräumzeit”. Follow-up appointments will be coordinated with you in a timely manner.