Why do we need to take time to tidy up?

Because order sharpens the focus for the essentials and provides sustainable contentment!

What do we do

We establish order with you – in your apartment, your house, your garage and your attic.
We support you in finally achieving the kind of order you want and help you to maintain this
condition for the future. [more]

Who is “Aufräumzeit”

“Aufräumzeit” is a team consisting of Anja Zobott and Yasmin Büttner-Wolller – both very experienced in tidying up. The contentment and clarity we achieved in our own homes inspired us to offer you a similar service.

What do we offer

We, the team of “Aufräumzeit”, occupied ourselves with many approaches how to create
order. We tested different systems and finally chose the most viable method for us.
Our approach offers a clear structure which enables you to develop a new, more efficient
organizational conduct. It will have a lasting effect on you.
You opt for well sorted contents in your closet, uncluttered cupboard space and the good
feeling that you own exactly the amount of things that you need for your personal well-
being and happiness.

Where to find us

 Give us a call without any obligations or send us a message via response form. Your commission will be handled with outmost discretion.